“Where we define the inner you…”


To change the society’s salon experience through empowering women, men, and children through trendy techniques, salon education, and product knowledge.


Divine Allure Salon is known for Savannah’s most peaceful and loving salon. The atmosphere is filled with smooth jazz and gospel music where clients can come in and relax from a long day at work. We focus on building relationships with our clients and their hair. Not only is the salon our home it’s our clients home as well. We seek the latest education and techniques to keep stylist growing and developing in products and services. We look forward to meeting new clients daily to help bring an impact to women, men, and children in all their beauty needs.


Monique Brown

Master Cosmetologist

Hello my name is Monique Brown. I am 25 years old and I am from Savannah, Ga. I have have been in this industry for 2 1/2 years. I really enjoy my career as a Master Cosmetologist. I graduated from Virginia College as cum laude student in July 2016 and it wasn’t an easy journey at all but I made it. What I love most about my career is being able to express my creativity as a stylist. I love to express my creativity because I’m an artist at heart. I never know what God will used me to come up with. I also will inform you all that I don’t talk much but once the mirror is handed to you it does the talking for me. This is what I love most about my career.last but not least if I had to chose any quote to keep me going in this industry it will be that, “Faith is substances of things hope for and the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)” I chose this bible verse because as a stylist, I see the unseen hair style before its created and I hope and prays that client is pleased and that’s where my faith comes in.

Jamell Young

Salon Stylist

Hey! My name is Jamell Young, I’m from Augusta, Ga. I been in the industry for a year but my love for hair started six years ago. After I got the understanding of hair and the art of it, it becomes natural to me. I love the change that hair can give a person, by making clients feel confident and empowered. After I understood my talent and gift that allowed me to help others. After I graduated from high school in 2016, I was accepted into North Georgia Technical College attended there for two semester and transferred to Savannah Technical College to live out my dream of become a Hairstylist .

Alia Freeman


Master Cosmetologist. Educator. Motivational Speaker. Entrepreneur.
Alia Freeman is a natural hair care professional from Savannah, Georgia. She received a formal education in Cosmetology from Empire Beauty School with additional concentrations in Business Management and Marketing. She credits Empire Beauty School for showcasing the importance of professionalism and craftsmanship—attributes she undoubtedly uses toward her own business practices today.

After completing her bachelor’s degree in Cosmetology, Alia began her journey as a professional hairstylist working for a variety of salons throughout the Southeastern region. It was during this time she noticed a gap in the market for natural hair salons. She began to see the demand was far greater than the availability. She often describes this period in her life as an “epiphany,” garnering her inspiration from peers and her own willingness to teach women how to embrace their natural beauty.

Today, Alia continues her pursuit to help women embrace and emphasize their natural beauty. In 2014, she opened Divine Allure Salon in Savannah, Georgia–one of the few in this area. Divine Hair Salon focuses on healthy natural hair with technique training and creativity, in addition to nail and skin amenities. Her team of trained stylists aim to educate them on their individual textures, recommend useful products, and offer tips to help clients embrace their natural beauty. When asked about her journey, Alia credits God for her talent and vision to be successful. She believes His purpose for her life is what has carried her to this point and continues to be her drive in future endeavors. She has been more than a hairstylist to many. She empowers everyone she comes in contact with God’s love and wisdom. She insists, “If you keep God first He can help you to overcome your fears. He will make you greater than you ever can imagine.”